Name: Rich
Bio: Richie is an old punker, guitar player, singer born and raised in Huntington Beach, CA. He wears Hurley clothes ( He hates exercise. He loves to golf, drink Guinness, and sing Irish folk tunes (not at the same time). Richie has been rewarded with a long musical career spanning several decades of diverse punk rock genres. Here are a few excerpts from a Rolling Stone Magazine article titled "Dick Paul Jr. another legend of OC punk rock guitar": "My parents bought me my first electric guitar in 1976. A couple school kids and I hastily formed a band and started playing Sex Pistols, Clash, and Stranglers covers. Soon we were playing parties that were shocking our parents." "No Real Attitude (NRA) originated in 1978. We were four kids from Edison High School playing original punk rock. Soon we were playing parties that were shocking the establishment." "The highlight of the 80's for me was when East Bay Ray (guitar player for the Dead Kennedy's) approached me after a gig we played together at Madison Square Gardens in Phoenix Arizona and told me he really enjoyed my style of playing. He even named a favorite song (Police State) and asked me to show him how to play the intro ... I thought that was very cool." For more information, please visit the following web sites: Also, do not hesitate to contact Richie at the following email address: Not all requests for correspondence are rejected

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